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Natsol Consultant acts as a friend, philosopher and guide for Geological, Geo-Technical and Geo-Hydrological services towards our client. Our organization comprises of premier Geologists, Hydrogeologists and Geotechnical experts from internationally reputed Institutions, State & Central Govt. and non- Govt. organizations with exceptional experience related to the field of Earth Sciences and Earth Resources. We offer high quality service with trust, confidence and integrity enabled with proper scientific applications, methodology, development and management.


Activities related to establishing a mineral deposit through geological, geophysical and geochemical methods. It is preceded by prospecting and followed by planning and development.


In mining geology " drilling is the process of penetrating through the ground and extracting rocks from various depths beneath the surface for confirming the geology beneath and/or providing samples for chemical analysis. "


Mining is the process of extracting minerals like gold, silver, copper, nickel and uranium and salt, potash, coal and oil formations etc. that concentrate naturally in the earth.

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Introduction to Python Programming in Geology. Course date and timings: 13th – 17th September, 2021 (Timing: 16:00-18:00) **Students are eligible for concession** Registration Link: https://forms.gle/36SeYHBeZQqipo4E8. For any queries contact us at: natsoloffice@gmail.com

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